Track, analyze, and scale
your ad campaigns.

Cometly tracks 100% of your sales to the correct Facebook ad and then sends that data back to Facebook to feed their ad algorithm.

Accurate Ads Manager

The Cometly ads manager redefines Facebook advertising. With our attribution algorithm, we are able to track 100% of your sales back to the specific ad they originated from and display accurate sales data side by side your ad data.

Experience what it feels like to know where 100% of your sales come from. Identify exactly which campaigns, ad sets, and ads are performing by using the profit and loss columns.

Ad Set Daily Breakdown

With one click, analyze the performance of a single ad set on a daily basis.

Analyze the day to day metrics for any ad set using the ad set daily breakdown report. This feature allows you to discover different performance patterns and trends across all of your ad sets which ultimately helps you make better ad optimization decisions.

Campaign Profit & Loss

Easily analyze the day to day profit and loss for each of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Using the daily profit and loss reports, you can easily identify which ad accounts, ad sets and even ads are generating you the most profit every single day.

Send Data Back To Facebook

Finally, the iOS 14 tracking solution you’ve needed.

Cometly integrates directly with the Facebook conversion API which sends your sales data directly back to Facebook for better ad optimization and machine learning.

Track 100% of your sales

Track 100% of the sales you generate with your Facebook ad campaigns using Cometly’s lightning fast tracking algorithm. You can say “goodbye” to the Facebook pixel mis-firing and mis-attributing sales forever!

Top Performers

Identify the top performers across all of your ad accounts. The top performers feature will quickly identify campaigns, ad sets and ads that are performing well so you can continue to optimize them for better performance.

Spend Analysis

Control budgets and manage accounts.

From ad account to ad set, spend analysis’ helps you keep a close eye on your daily estimated budgets for each of your ad accounts.

Aggregated Reporting

Monitor campaigns and budgets across as many ad Accounts as you want.

View the performance of all of your ad accounts in one single table. Drill down to view campaigns, ad sets and ads inside each individual ad account.

Accurate Data Tracking

Enjoy having the peace of mind that all of the data from your ad campaigns is accurate and you no longer need to rely on the inaccurate Facebook pixel.

ROI Driven Decisions

Scale and optimize your ads based on real sales data being accurately attributed to your specific ad sets and even ads.

Goodbye Spreadsheets

Finally you can move those slow data sheets to the trash. Get updated data in real time which allows you to make smarter, quicker decisions on your ads.

Simple Analysis

Analyzing tons of data can be frustrating and confusing. We’ve created simple reporting templates you can use to quickly analyze what matters most.

Scale With Confidence

Scale your ad campaigns higher than ever before with the confidence that Cometly’s proprietary tracking algorithm will attribute revenue to the right ad sets.

The IOS 14 Solution

We integrate directly with the Facebook conversion API which sends your sales directly back to Facebook for accurate attribution solving the iOS 14 tracking update.

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